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Recycling not only promotes an eco-ethical image, but makes the environment more sustainable. Australia is renowned for an extensive recycling rate with 52% of the household actively participating in the cause. With such statistics to support, recycling is much beyond processing the used materials into new products. Recycling prevents exploitation of potentially useful natural resources, decreases the use of energy, reduces the consumption of raw materials, minimises pollution by avoiding conventional waste disposal, and lowers greenhouse emissions. At Vic Recycle Metals, we can recycle everything and anything. We support recycling as second nature to most Australians, specialising in scrap metal recycling Melbourne.

Pay For Scrap Cars Melbourne

At Vic Recycle Metals, no vehicle is worthless. Whether wrecked, broken, accident hit, unwanted, very old, extremely used, rusted, broken into parts or old – scrap cars Melbourne can put money in your pocket, without occupying a great space in your property. Being environmentally safe, friendly and honest car scrap buying experts, we always ensure best prices for your car scrap.

  • Pay for unwanted cars
  • Pay for accidental cars
  • Pay for damaged cars

Why Choose Us?

All Metal Scrap Accepted – Save Time – Guaranteed Service – Earn Money For Scrap – Service Your Way – Instant & Top Payouts – We Pick Your Vehicle For Free – Ecofriendly Approach.

Do you have metal scrap lying in your property, basement or backyard? Call us for the best scrap metal prices Melbourne. Support recycling.


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Warren Blyth

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Greg U

“It’s nice to come some place and know I’m going to get excellent service. I’ve been to other places and keep coming back to VIC recycle metals because I know I get the best service.”

John Estates

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Aleen Brogan

Call us for the best scrap metal prices Melbourne. Support recycling.