Van Removal in Melbourne

Van Removal in Melbourne

Vans are highly useful vehicles when they’re in the prime of their life, transporting all kinds of things from point A to point B due to their excellent storage space. But what happens when used vans come to the end of their life and become unwanted vans? Maybe you’re planning to leave your damaged vans to rust in your back or front yard. But why leave junk vans in your yard when you could receive payment for them from trusted van wreckers in Melbourne? At Vic Recycle Metals, we offer an extremely convenient service for van removal in Melbourne, helping to move any used vans from your property to our van wreckers. In the process, you’ll pocket fair payment via electronic transfer or cheque. Did we mention that our van removal in Melbourne is completely free? Get in touch today to find out how much your old van might be worth.

Types of Junk Vans We Accept

As leading van wreckers in Melbourne, Vic Recycle Metals accepts a wide array of junk vans. It might surprise you just what you can trade in for payment. Check out the following list of types of used vans we accept:

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If you have a used van that you’re not getting value out of, call Vic Recycle Metals to arrange van removals in Melbourne. After pressing a few numbers on your phone, you can enjoy fast, same-day pick up of your junk van and receive a handsome payment in return. Call us now on 0403 938 119.

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