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Unwanted Car Removal in Melbourne

When a car is no longer wanted, it can be difficult to know what to do with it. Many people lack the time to go to the effort of selling an unwanted car privately, and even when you do have time, what happens if your car is no longer in drivable condition? Fortunately, Vic Recycle Metals offers a quick and easy solution with an unwanted car removal service that’s second to none. Our unwanted car removal in Melbourne is free of cost and will pay you a fair amount for your vehicle regardless of its age or condition. Whether your car is damaged, broken down, wrecked, or suffering from engine failure or another mechanical fault, call us now to find out how much you could receive.

Reasons Why a Car Might No Longer Be Wanted

There are many reasons why you might need old car removal in Melbourne.  Some of the most common reasons include:

Why Choose Our Unwanted Car Removal Service?

At Vic Recycle Metals, we pride ourselves on providing unwanted car removal in Melbourne that’s completely free, ensuring you’ll pay nothing for removal of your vehicle. We also offer same-day pick up of your car for your convenience, with immediate payment via cheque or electronic transfer. Plus in addition to accepting old, unwanted cars, we can also take any other scrap metal off your hands, compensating you fairly for scrap steel, brass, copper, aluminium and much more.

Arrange Free Junk Car Removal for your Unwanted Car Today

Next time you’re searching for an unwanted car removal service, make Vic Recycle Metals your first choice. Whether you have an unwanted recent model car or you need old car removal in Melbourne, you can rest assured we’ll pay you a fair amount for your vehicle in addition to providing free removal. To get a quote for how much you could receive, or to arrange junk car removal, call us now on 0403 938 119.

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