Steel Scrap Metal Recycling Melbourne

If there is one metal scrap which any country would want more of, it has to be steel scrap. Automobiles, ship breaking and construction, being the main sources of steel scrap, have been advantageous to steelmakers and casting industry. With most steel scrap being melted and reused, maximum part from ship breaking sources is re-rolled into rods and bars. Thus, the steel scrap recycling makes the construction industry bloom.

Steel has the most outstanding characteristic of being endlessly recycled, without compromising any material qualities. Steel plants are known to utilise various steel scraps, internal and end-of-life/fabrication/metalwork being the most common. Internal steel scrap include steel residues from production processes. On the other hand, the external steel scrap includes end-of-life steel products. At Vic Recycle Metals, all the steel scrap is purchased in accordance to governing quality and purity. The steel scrap sold to us serves as a primary input for steelmaking through induction furnace and electric furnace.

Steel Scrap That We Buy :

The sources of steel scrap are many, but the collection at our stainless steel scrap yard is categorised into the following categories.

  • Home Steel Scrap – Scrap from the processing units or mills
  • Prompt Steel Scrap – Produced from the manufacturing of steel products
  • Obsolete Steel Scrap – Steel products at the end of their lives, recovered from steel structures, automobiles, railroad tracks, household appliances, farm equipment, ships, and other sources.

Moreover, the steel industry also recycles the by-products like steel making slags, mill scale and more. Steelmaking sludges and dusts are also processed to remove and re-use other metals like zinc. Steel recycling retains an overall highest recycling rate as compared to other metals combined.

We Give Competitive Price of Scrap Metal :

Our services range from scrap metal removal to scrap metal pick-up across Melbourne. In accordance to the highest industry standards of scrap metal recycling Melbourne, we give competitive price of scrap metal to all our clients. Wit our services, we ensure high environmental sustainability and high recycling rate.

Don’t let your steel scrap go into the landfills! Sell it at our stainless steel scrap yard for cash!


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