Stainless Steel Scrap
Stainless Steel Scrap

Stainless Steel/Mack Wheels

Stainless steel boasts of 100% recyclability and an excellent environment performer. It’s valuable raw materials rarely become wasted at the end of their life. The biggest advantage of stainless steel scrap is that it can be systematically separated, recovered and processed through recycling. Moreover, recycling of stainless steel is economically viable due to the presence of chromium and nickel.

Stainless steel scrap being the fundamental element in steel making process, the stainless scrap dealers divide the scrap in two types:

  • Industrial Stainless Steel Scrap – Industrial returns, production off-cuts, industrial engineering products, fabrication products
  • Reclaimed Stainless Steel Scrap – Tanks, refrigerators, industrial equipment

Why Get Stainless Steel Recycled?

Nowadays, stainless steel is made up of 60% recycled content, consisting of reclaimed scrap, industrial scrap and new raw materials. There are many application of recycled stainless steel as follows,

  • Construction – Low maintenance and attractive curtain walls and roofs. Stainless steel has high corrosion resistance, malleability and strength
  • Transport – High speed trains and rail cars. Stainless steel has high structural strength.
  • Household – For cookware, appliances and cutlery
  • Food and Storage – Stainless steel resists bacteria colonisation, is sterilised and easily cleaned
  • Healthcare – Surgical instruments due to resistance provided against sterilisation and regular cleaning

Best Stainless Steel Scrap Prices Ensured:

At Vic Recycle Metals, we offer some of the highest rates for your scrap metal. Ranging from stainless steel scrap to electric motor scrap, we have the most competitive scrap metal prices in the scrap industry. Individuals or groups who choose to deliver stainless steel scrap to our place can take advantage of the rebates. Apart from a good rebate for sinks, rods, sheets, pipe of all grades, we have the best whitegoods scrap price to offer.

At our stainless steel scrap yard, we ensure that all the stainless steel scrap collected and recycled has the minimal impact on the environment. Support our cause and call us today for the best prices on your metal scrap!

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