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PVC Recycling in Melbourne

Generating lots of waste is an issue with nearly every electrical activity. This is particularly true when manufacturing high-volume cable assemblies. Fortunately, the metals and plastics used in cable assemblies are easy to dispose of and even easier to recycle. At Vic Recycle Metals, we have state-of-art PVC recycling systems which enable us to recover plastic and ferrous scrap from all types of PVC cables. These materials can then be repurposed for future use rather than going to landfill.

Why is PVC Cable Recycling Important?

Currently, a large amount of PVC scrap ends up in landfills, which negatively impacts the environment and does not end the disposal dilemma for plastic recyclers in Melbourne. PVC scrap damages infrastructure, pollutes the environment through groundwater contamination, and also has the ability to create noise pollution, dust and odour.

PVC cable recycling provides a long-term solution for waste management. As PVC is the most used plastic after polyethylene, recycling it can minimise the demand for virgin PVC. Moreover, recycling utilises only half the amount of energy which goes into manufacturing 100% original PVC. Overall, recycling electrical cables has a much lower impact on the environment and climate change.

  • Environment Impact – Minimised landfill occupancy, contamination of groundwater and unnecessary costs to decrease pollution
  • Eco-ethical Image – Buyers gravitate towards a green image and green products
  • Business Impact – PVC can be reprocessed for industrial flooring, mud flaps and inner core for hoses. This would immensely decrease the cost behind buying virgin plastic

Being in high demand, we understand that you may still have concerns about what happens with leftover PVC. PVC compounds do not involve mining and are processed from chemically transforming oil, the most common fossil fuel. You can rest assured that our recycling methods are among the cleanest and most effective around.

Highly Competitive Scrap Metal Prices

At the core of our business is a commitment to cutting-edge PVC recycling practices that protect the environment. We also ensure that all our clients get the best prices for their PVC scrap so as to incentivise them. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Providing competitive prices for PVC electrical cables scrap and scrap steel, our plastic recyclers in Melbourne ensure 100% recyclability with all scrap purchased. Prevent serious environmental effects by supporting plastic and metal recycling. Get in touch today to find out how you can sell your PVC scrap to us!

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