Lead Scrap
Lead Scrap

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Lead is a metal which can be easily recycled, re-melted many times, and be processed to remove the impurities. With such versatility, the amount of lead recycled is proportionately high. Lead has been enjoying the advantage due to its own properties, and easily molded designs. Considerately, the lead based products are economically collectable, easily identifiable and efficiently recyclable. The result of all is high scrap lead prices and value. At Vic Recycle Metals, we have observed a significant growth in recycled applications of lead scrap Melbourne.

Lead Scrap Sources in Melbourne:

Whether in pure metal, alloyed or as chemical compound, lead is widely use in the following industries.

  • Battery Industry : There is a high collection and scrap batteries recycling rate
  • Iron & Steel Industries : Lead is a major element in the heavy industry products
  • Rolled Extrusions : Lead is used in construction industry, flashing, weathering, cladding and roofing
  • Pigments : Extensively in paints
  • Cable Sheathing : For high voltage power cables
  • Ammunition : Lead bullets are used for sport shooting
  • Lead Alloys : For bearings, antifriction metals, solder, type metal etc.

Scrap Lead That We Collect:

With a lot of lead recycling options, we strive to be in the market consistently with highly competitive scrap lead prices. We collect lead scrap in various forms, including

  • Lead Strips
  • Range Lead
  • Wheel Weights
  • 99% Ballast Lead
  • Recovered Shot
  • Tank Lead
  • Linotype
  • Soft Lead
  • Mixed Lead
  • Lead Bar/ Block
  • Tin
  • Steel Encased Lead
  • Aluminum
  • Nuclear Pharmacy Lead Scrap
  • 99% Remelt Sows Lead
  • Antimonial Lead
  • Solder-Bar/Wire
  • Tungsten

Whether you decide to sell scrap lead, sell scrap bronze or sell scrap copper Melbourne, we are one-stop solution to all your recycling needs. We follow complete compliance to scrap disposal and environmental regulations. Our staff can also arrange a pick up for your scrap lead load.

Straight load, mixed load or LTL qualities – call us for the best scrap lead prices in Melbourne!

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