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Shine Copper Scrap

Shine Copper

Copper is very important and commonly used in industries like electricity, industrial machinery, transportation, light industry, electronics, national defence, communication and more. With so many applications, Australia is one of the most important copper producer and copper mining site in the world. Still, Australia attaches great importance to sustainable development and ecological environment protection, especially recycling. Vic Recycle Metals with a great emphasis focuses on scrap metal recycling, enabling clients to sell scrap copper Melbourne for great scrap prices.

Being renowned and reliable copper scrap dealers, we support copper recycling for many advantages it has to offer. Copper recycling preserves the natural resources and reduces pollution by a lot of unwanted waste filling the landfills. Moreover, copper recycling plays an important role in fulfilling the refined copper shortage.

We Collect All Types of Scrap Copper:

We are fast growing and 100% Australian-owned scrap dealers. We specialise in recycling scrap copper, copper coils, copper radiators, batteries and all kinds of unalloyed/alloyed copper.

  • Copper scrap from copper smelting
  • Copper scrap from mechanical processing
  • Old copper scrap from machinery equipment and instruments

Why Choose Us?

  • Fast same day services across Melbourne
  • Free pick up, minimum weight required
  • Instant cash on the spot
  • Top scrap copper prices
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Services – single time/contracts/on-call collection

We are well-established scrap dealers in Melbourne, recycling all the non-ferrous metal scrap. Our scrap lead prices, scrap aluminium prices, scrap wire/cable prices, scrap copper prices, scrap brass prices in Melbourne are very competitive to the industry standards.Our collection vehicles are equipped with advanced digital scales and highly trained staff who have expertise in quality evaluation. We collect copper scrap based on quality and purity only.

Our collection system is designed to provide hassle-free collection and seamless recycling processes. We ensure that our services do minimum disruption to your business or routine.

Sell scrap copper Melbourne and support sustainable environment and recycling! Call us for best scrap copper rates in Melbourne!

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