Bronze Scrap
Bronze Scrap

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Bronze is a clean alloy with no attachments to iron, steel or other materials. With so many different types of bronze, it is important to know about them before selling your bronze scrap to any scrap metal dealer. Usually found in plumbing fixtures and mechanical products, scrap bronze needs to be separated from other scrap metals before settling in the recycling yard. It needs a lot of expertise to determine the purity of bronze, as the bronze scrap generally comes with plastic, caulk, steel and many non-bronze impurities. If you are looking for a place to sell scrap bronze, you have the most reliable one at Vic Recycle Metal. Locating us has never been easier in Melbourne and we offer the best bronze scrap selling experience to all our clients.

Being a great metal for scrap recycling, bronze is darker more yellow than copper and darker red/orange than brass. Contrary to the misconception that the marine bronze is the most valued bronze scrap, it has harder alloys like steel and nickel. Therefore, bronze is primarily classified on the basis of copper and zinc percentage. It is generally noticed that higher the copper content, more reddish would be the bronze scrap. That is why the bronze scrap prices are higher than the brass scrap prices and lower the copper scrap prices.

We Offer the Best Bronze Scrap Metal Prices Melbourne:

Vic Recycle Metals offers some of the best scrap metal price and battery scrap prices across Melbourne. Our experts and scrap collectors can help you in sorting the scrap metal at your facility without a hassle. We collect bronze from all the possible sources, especially,

  • Old Plumbing Fixtures
  • Statues
  • Commercial Electrical pieces
  • Mechanical Industrial Parts
  • Phosphorous Bronze and Gunmetal Scrap
  • Aluminium Bronze scrap

Bronze has a high scrap value when cashed. With us, you get paid instantly according to the purity and quality of your bronze scrap! Call us now if you have bulk bronze scrap to sell for a great price!

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