PVC Cables Scrap Recycling Melbourne

Generation of waste, and lots of it, is an issue with every electrical activity. This holds strongly true when manufacturing high-volume cable assemblies. The metals used in cable assemblies are easy to dispose and easier to recycle. Being in high demand, there are still concerns about what happens with the leftover insulation, such as PVC? PVC compound does not involve mining and is processed from chemically transforming oil, the most common fossil fuel. At Vic Recycle Metals, we have state-of-art systems to enable us to recover plastic and ferrous scrap from all types of PVC cables.

Why Recycling Is Important?

Currently, a large amount of PVC scrap ends in landfills, which do not end the disposal dilemma for recyclers. PVC scrap damages the infrastructure, pollutes the environment through groundwater contamination, and also has the ability to create noise pollution, dust and odor. PVC cables scrap recycling provides a long-term solution of waste management. As PVC is the most used plastic after polyethylene, recycling it can minimise the pressure on the processing of virgin PVC. Moreover, recycling utilises only the half amount of energy which goes behind manufacturing 100% original PVC. Overall, PVC cables scrap recycling has much lower potential of global warming.

  • Environment Impact – Minimised landfill occupancy, contamination of groundwater and unnecessary costs to decrease pollution
  • Eco-ethical Image – Buyers are more inclined to green image and green products
  • Business Impact – PVC can be reprocessed to industrial flooring, mud flaps and inner core for hoses. This would immensely decrease the cost behind buying virgin plastic

We Provide Highly Competitive Scrap Metal Prices:

With recycling and improved environmental impact as the core of our business, we ensure that all our clients get the best prices for their metal scrap. Ranging from competitive price of PVC electrical cables scrap to price of scrap steel, we ensure 100% recyclability with every metal scrap purchased.

Mining is the most energy-intensive ways of extracting raw materials. Prevent the serious environmental effects and support metal recycling. Sell your metal scrap to us!


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