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Radiators are widely used in automobiles and other home heating systems. Their basic function is to allow the machines for engines to maintain a cooler temperature by passing cooling agent through the unit. Generally, the scrap yards are ready to pay special prices for the radiator ends. There are various forms of radiators and it is always important to separate and clean them for best recycling practices. In the scrap metal industry, there are various phrases used for them – ACRs, copper fin, aluminium radiators, copper radiators, brass rads and more.

Two Kinds of Radiators:

  • Car Radiators: These types help by pumping a mixture of antifreeze and water into the engine block to maintain the engine to be at optimal temperature. They play a major role in keeping the engine running and giving you a smooth ride. Radiators in older automobiles are generally made of copper and brass. In the newest models, they are constructed from lighter and affordable aluminium. The headers and tanks which hold the coolant also have high scrap value due to the aluminium/brass and cast iron body.
  • Heating Radiator: Generally made of cast iron, they function quite opposite to the car radiators. These radiators are usually made of aluminum foil and copper tube – both of them have great recycle value.

Scrap Radiators That We Collect:

  • Aluminum Copper Fin (ACRs): Usually found inside air conditioners and refrigerators
  • Aluminum Radiators: Most commonly found in car, forklifts, trucks and other vehicles
  • Brass Radiators: Very rare, generally pulled from a cars or other vehicle

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