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Is your car severely damaged or deteriorated with age? Is your car no more roadworthy and safe? Does you car have worn out parts and needs constant repairs? Has your car suffered irreversible damage due to natural calamity? Do you feel your car would be more valued in a junkyard? Think again because Vic Recycle Metals is giving good cash for scrap cars Melbourne. Renowned for metal recycling Melbourne, we are the only car wreckers in Melbourne with recycling solutions for car metal scrap.

We specialise in recycling all the broken, used and scrap auto parts. As car wreckers in Melbourne, we are open to receiving scrap cars and salvage cars from individuals, tow companies, insurance companies and automobile auctions. At our company, cars which are no longer safe or are in poor condition are also considered desirable and of great importance.

We Buy All Make And Model, Old, Damaged, Unwanted Cars

Why Choose Us?

  • Helping the environment and community
  • Effectively disposing scrap cars
  • Every scrap car brought to us is taken into consideration
  • With us, all kind of automobiles are reused or recycled
  • Positive impression as Melbourne car wreckers
  • Providing best reasonable amount to our clients for car scrap
  • Instant cash for wrecked cars and used cars
  • Comprehensive services as auto wreckers Melbourne

As one of the best auto wreckers Melbourne, we only use government regulated techniques and environment-friendly processes to recycle the scrap cars in the best way possible. With us, each scrap metal part from the car is recycled to its maximum utilisation. Also boasting of a wide inventory of headlamps, wheels, exhausts, fenders, gearshifts, mufflers and more, we are capable of providing our clients with a wide range of other services. Primarily, we are committed to safety and quality of environment.

At Vic Recycle Metals, our professionals have a decade of experience in evaluation, quotation, removal, transportation, dismantle and recycling cars of all sizes and types. Whether you want to sell a scrap car or looking for a specific car part, call us for the best rates in Melbourne!

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