Accident Car Removals in Melbourne

Accident Car Removals in Melbourne

It’s an upsetting thing to have an accident on the roads. Perhaps this has happened to you, and you just haven’t wanted to think about what to do with your smashed up car. It happens sometimes that people end up holding onto accident damaged cars just because they haven’t given it too much thought. But now is the time to get into gear and start calculating the opportunity cost of having the accident car on your property versus the feeling of extra dollars in your bank account. That’s because with our accident damaged car removals, Vic Recycle Metals makes disposing of fire or accident affected cars easy. Ours is a completely free service, towing away accident damaged cars to our wreckers where they can be used productively for scrap metal. You’ll be both doing the environment and yourself a favour when you recycle your old fire car or accident car for payment. In addition, your payment is made promptly via cheque or electronic transfer.

Types of Accident Cars We Can Accept

There are a few major kinds of damage sustained by cars when they’re in collisions. Vic Recycle Metals can accept the following:

Why Choose Our Service Over Others?

Here at Vic Recycle Metals, we’re proud providers of free accident car removals. We aim to offer a service that takes the hassle out of disposing of your accident car. Whether you need us to pick up your car from the site of an accident or from your own property, we can do it without any problems.  We can even pick up your old car on the same day to ensure a more convenient service for you. All you need to do is call our team to arrange our accident damaged car removals service, and upon pick up we’ll pay you promptly via instant bank transfer or cheque.

For Free Accident Car Removal, Call Us Today

If you want to get rid of your old accident car, then why not make use of our free accident car removals? It’s a quick and convenient way to turn your old smashed up car into dollars. We always have a use for accident cars, as we recycle them into scrap metal. Take advantage of our accident car removals in Melbourne today by calling 0403 938 119.

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